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Thinking art is not for you? or thinking you are not creative and never being an artist? We help you create your own masterpieces and ultimately ease your stress and anxiety.

Creating art gives you a chance to slow down, shift your focus away from challenges and explore any issues you have.

Anyone who feels stressed or overwhelmed by the world we live in should try painting. Creating art helps you recognize feelings that lurks in your subconscious, and gives your a way to let go of all your feelings.

Art is healing and a healthy outlet to detox your thoughts and relax your mind and body.


Alca Cartel

Ceo / Founder

An art enthusiasts. I am always interested in learning more about art, exploring various forms of art.

Alca Cartel


Always ready! The perfect audience mined you can find on the earth.

Alca Cartel

Ola Nordmann
Customer Support

I want everything to be right and that you are happy, and I welcome the chance to put things right.

You’re in good company

Artists live in their heads, and we bridge you and the world that never gets boring.

Sent quickly. Packed well (hair glued, protective cap on hair plus tube for brush). Hair proteins are natural. The size of the brush is 4-for large fills (in the photo comparison with rouble in number 5). While the new brush is going to the thin tip well. By the ratio of price-quality is a wonderful option.

Nice brushes. We arrived quickly. The packaging is reliable, the  brushes themselves were in plastic tubes. Already tried in action-water is recruited and held perfectly, the pile does not crumble (after soaking a couple of hairs fell out, after that nothing else fell out). Soft, closer to the protein by subjective sensations. Seller recommend.

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